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    SL500-600 SERIES

    SL500-600 SERIES

    Mix and match – the grand buffet of bike lights

    With four different front lights and four different rear lights, the SL500 and SL Series gives you a total of sixteen options for making a pair of awesome lights that match your bike.

    As each light in these series comes with its own little power plant, they are all standalone units and can be paired any way you like.

    The front light can be mounted on the handlebar, the fork crown or the basket if you have such a thing on your bike.

    The rear light can be mounted on the seat post or the luggage rack.

    Each light is connected to a dynamo that is mounted on the front fork for the front lights and on the seat stay for the rear lights. The cable between the bike light and the dynamo can easily be adjusted to the correct length by use of the built-in cable storage system.

    These bike lights produce their own environmentally friendly induction power by means of a coil in the dynamo and magnets on the bicycle spokes – completely without the use of batteries.

    The bike lights are permanently mounted, so you always have them with you and they are always on whenever you cycle. This makes you extra safe in traffic, day or night.

    Magnet-powered bike lights mean the end of batteries, no forgotten bike lights, no friction when you cycle – just lights that are always on.

    With built-in E-approved reflectors and wide-angle optics, the SL500 and SL600 ensure optimum visibility in traffic. The wide-angle optics cast the light at 180° for maximum spread and even better visibility in traffic from all angles.

    In addition to all these technical features, SL500 and SL600 bike lights are really cool looking thanks to their sleek and minimalist design.