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    RL700 SERIES

    RL700 SERIES

    The RL 700 Series is the right choice if you need a bike light that lights up every pothole in the road when you’re biking where there are few or no street lights at all.

    The oversized no-friction dynamo, which is mounted on the seat stay, produces environmentally friendly induction power by means of a coil in the dynamo itself and magnets on the bicycle spokes. The front light throws a wide cone of illumination onto the road ahead of you, while a strong rear light has your back covered. All this happens completely without the use of batteries.

    As an extra safety feature, the front light has side position lights that emit white light through small holes at angles as large as 270°, greatly increasing your visibility in traffic; you’re more likely to be seen from the side, too.

    The front light is fitted to the fork crown above the front wheel. The rear light is fitted to either the luggage rack or the seat post depending on which model you choose.

    The lights are permanently mounted, so you always have them with you, and they are always on whenever you cycle, which makes you extra safe in traffic, day or night.

    Both the front and rear lights have built-in PowerBackUp, which ensures that the lights stay on for a few minutes after the bike comes to a stop. This will prevent you from being left in the dark if you have to make a stop at, say, a traffic light at night.

    Magnet-powered bike lights mean no more dead batteries, no forgotten bike lights, no friction when you cycle – just lights that are always on and always safe.